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Renewable Building Technologies Ltd. is a totally independent energy consultancy company with a reputation for innovation, technical and commercial excellence.

We offer
  • a wide range of energy management, planning and efficiency services 
  • we are a market leader in renewable energy technologies consultancy
  • complete or partial project  management from inception to completion
  • a comprehensive building energy ratings services.

Our services are tailored to fit the individual needs of our customers and are based upon providing good value for money that result from our specialist technical analysis and robust economic appraisals.  We aim to retain our customers business through our good all round performance and by customer choice.

We are completely independent of any manufacturer, installer or supplier of renewable technologies or traditional M&E equipment.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients find a tailored, cost effective and affordable solution to all their energy needs.

Our highly qualified and accredited engineers will help you achieve the optimum energy rating for your building.

Our extensive experience has resulted in the development of methodologies and approaches within the Company that can be tailored to address specific issues that our clients face.

We will:
  • fully engage with our client to make sure we deliver their vision
  • deliver all projects on time and within budget
  • design low carbon, deliverable and robust solutions capable of integration to existing services if required
  • work as a fully integrated team with our client, partners and all other stakeholders
  • provide information, guidance and advice on Statutory Funding Agencies
  • give our clients the best engineering solutions
  • Calculation of and costed advice on achieving the best energy rating for your building
  • Value for money