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Reduction of energy consumption is high on every business agenda.

Controlling costs is essential if business competitiveness is to be improved. Energy costs are controllable and can be reduced on a recurring basis. This is a process which is usually started by having an energy survey carried out.

Renewable Building Technologies Ltd's Energy Management and Efficiency Division identify opportunities for reductions in energy costs by recommending innovative engineering solutions and other energy efficiency measures for whatever size or type of Business. We have extensive experience in providing thorough and clear assessments of the energy use and efficiency of sites in all industrial, commercial and public sector Organisations. This allows businesses to reduce costs and increase competitiveness and profitability.

Our multi-disciplined energy engineers can take the necessary practical steps to implement the recommendations and advice to whatever level clients require. We are hands on and proactive, working with all stakeholders on your behalf to achieve efficiency savings and are committed to providing you with the very best advice and support.

Consider the following:

  • Energy Consumption Reduction - Reduction of energy consumption should be a key focus for any business. We will identify areas where consumption of energy can be reduced allowing our clients to operate their business to optimum efficiency.

  • Our team of professionally qualified Energy Engineers is conversant with many types of market sector processes and pricing. Our team will use their expertise to further enhance client efficiency, through the implementation of energy saving initiatives giving our clients a competitive edge in their own market place.

  • Turnkey Capability - Our Energy Management and Efficiency Division undertakes projects for most market sector sites. We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project working from initial feasibility study, through design specification, project management and commissioning through to satisfactory completion. This will be achieved at very competitive rates.

  • We have a registered consultant with the government's Carbon Trust energy saving scheme. This offers eligible businesses in the UK a fully funded energy survey that identifies and recommends energy saving measures for their premises. Through our experience and under the Carbon Trust program we have conducted numerous surveys, investigations and given design advice that have resulted in cost savings and saved money on planned capital investments.

  • We can help you develop a plan to address and explore the best combination of energy alternatives for all your facilities.

  • We employ Low Carbon Consultants

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