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Patrick McCaul Environmental Consulting Engineers, established in 1992, is a company of Chartered Engineers who have earned a respected reputation in the building services industry by balancing traditional concepts with innovative design and modern technology.  The company offers a comprehensive range of design services addressing the technical and environmental needs of the internal environment.  The company prides itself in its ability to integrate services within the "Built Environment" and responds to the demands of an ever changing market.

As a Building Services consultancy we have extensive expertise and knowledge of environmental implications. Our design process aims to ensure the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Our company has sufficient skills and expertise to deal with the major issues of sustainability and energy conservation through low energy design strategies and the incorporation of renewable energy systems as a design option.

Patrick McCaul Environmental Consulting Engineers select a quality team to carry out the design, management and supervision of the mechanical and electrical services for any given appointment.  The team selected will have the relevant experience and expertise best suited to a particular building project.

Patrick McCaul Environmental Consulting Engineers incorporates value management, Life Cycle costing, good design quality and sustainability as essential aspects of project development.  Our aim will be to deliver projects on time, within budget, to meet and where possible exceed client and stakeholder expectations with a zero defects philosophy. 

The core business covers the complete design and on site supervision of all mechanical and electrical services within a building project.  Projects include systems for hotels tourism/leisure complexes, schools, universities, churches, housing developments, entertainment/theatre complexes, creative arts centres, commercial/retail, civic buildings, office complexes and industrial plants.
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